Ashfield Junior School

Year 3

Walby Farm Park

On Monday 12th June we went to Walby Farm Park the award winning national farm attraction, for a fun day out. When we got there people were taking their shoes off while Sam and Pat told us the rules. Once Sam and Pat had told us the rules everybody whizzed up the stairs to go on the death slide. I went on the death slide it goes super-fast. After I played tig with Matthew, Toby, Katie and Lauren in the play area then we went outside. I played in the digger part with Callan, Jacob, Blake and Taylor. Then we went to the feeding barn I fed the guinea pigs. I really enjoyed milking the fake cow. Then we washed our hands and had dinner. I had a chicken sandwich, strawberries, cucumber, yoghurt and squash. We had 30 minutes to eat our dinner, then we went outside again. I went on the race course on the pedal karts I went really fast and I got all muddy. Next I went on the football part for a bit I got 2 tens and 4 ones after 30 minutes we went back inside. Then I waited for it to be my tables turn to go to the gift shop.

When it was my tables turn to go to the gift shop I could not make a decision to buy a gooey alien or a spinning top but in the end I bought a spinning top because Mrs shouted “I am giving you 30 seconds to buy an item!” So I picked a spinning top for £1.50p after that we waited outside until everybody had bought an item once everybody in our group had bought an item we had to wait 30 minutes for the other groups. The magnets were very popular. When everybody on the trip had bought an item we got on the bus I sat next to Luke in the other class we played eye spy together, when we got back Luke said”Awwwwwwww!”.


12 children went to compete and represent Ashfield Junior School at gymnastics. When we got there we warmed up and practised vault, cartwheel and somersaults. We also worked on our dance. There were lots of other schools there and it was nice seeing friends from Victoria Junior School. We were all a bit nervous as we wanted to do our best but we soon got into it.  First up we did the vault and Beth was amazing.  I slipped a bit doing the vault but I was ok. Next was the dance.  I forgot what I was supposed to do but then suddenly remembered so it was ok. When we arrived back at school Mrs Frost asked us all to stand at the front of assembly and tell the rest of the school about the competition. They were very proud of us all and gave us a big clap. I love gymnastics and it’s such a good way of keeping fit and healthy. You meet loads of people and its great fun.

By Brooke in 3K

Celebrating Christmas

December has been really busy but lots of fun. In Year 3 we have enjoyed doing lots of different things.

We really enjoyed going to the Theatre by the Lake at Keswick to see The Emperor and the Nightingale. We had ice cream at the interval and it tasted of caramel Milky bar. The show was excellent I liked the different colours and the way the bird flew on a fishing rod!

Another fun day was Christmas dinner day! The whole school had a real turkey dinner with sprouts and crackers! It was really delicious and the hall looked really Christmassy as there is a huge Christmas tree too which Mrs Heron decorated for us with baubles, lights and tinsel.

We had a decoration day where lots of parents came into school to enjoy Christmas craft. It was packed in 3K and we had to fetch extra chairs and tables. The cards and decorations we made were nice and it was fun too.

Last Friday the whole school went to St John’s Church for our Carol service. There were lots of parents packed into the church and I felt nervous. We sang some carols and Christmas songs and everyone did their best. The year 3 children dressed up and the sheep and the camel looked really cute. I have enjoyed the things that we have done. It has been a happy time in school.

By Rhys

Castlerigg Stone Circle

On  Monday 17th October Year 3 went to Castlerigg stone circle and found out lots of interesting facts. Castlerigg stone circle was built around 4,500 years ago in the Neolithic period for thousands of years this circle of stones has been surrounded by its ring of mountains and has fired the imagination of vistors. We counted forty outer stones and ten stones in the sanctuary. Castlerigg is looked after by the National Trust.

We also all had lots of fun at Keswick climbing wall. We were put into groups and the instructors helped us put our harnesses on. We had to work as a team to pull our friends up the climbing wall. Some of us got to the top. It was scary when you looked down. When we had finished our activities we were allowed to go into Rooky Wood. There was a mini climbing walls, a zip wire, games and a castle to play on. We all had a great day.

By Tiegan and Jessica Year 3

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