Ashfield Junior School

Year 4

Spring 2021

Friday 5th March

Y4 Thursday 4th March

Tuesday 2nd March

Monday 1st March

Y4 Friday 26th February

Y4 Thursday 25th February

Y4 Tuesday 23rd February

Y4 Monday 22nd February

Friday 12th February

Thursday 11th February

Tuesday 9th Feb

Monday 8th February

Friday 5th February

Divide by 100

Thursday 4th February

Y4 Tuesday 2nd February

Monday 1st February

Maths Friday multiplying by 100

Y4 Friday 29th January

Y4 Thursday 28th Jan Maths

Thursday multiplying by 10

Tuesday 26th January

Maths – Rounding to the nearest 100

Maths – Rounding to the nearest 10

Y4 Monday 25th January

Y4 Friday 22nd January

Friday maths blue group

Thursday maths yellow green group

Thursday maths blue group

Thursday 21st Jan

Well-Being Wednesday letter Jan 21

Spring into Spring booklet

Tuesday Maths Questions

Tuesday 19th January

Newspaper vocab mat

Newspaper Article Template – Blank

Y4 Monday 18th January

Newspaper report planning sheet

Tenths Mastery

Monday Maths Questions

Friday 15th January

Thursday 14th January

Wednesday 13th January

Tuesday 12th January

Y4 Maths Green & Yellow Group – Tuesday 12th

Y4 Maths Blue Group – Tuesday & Wednesday

Monday 11th January

Y4 Maths Blue Group – Monday 11th

Y4 Maths Green & Yellow Group – Monday 11th

Y4 – Friday 8th Jan

Y4 – Thurs 7th January

Y4 – Weds 6th January

Y4 – Home learning 1

Summer 2020

Welcome to 5S Friday

Welcome to 5S Friday

Transitition Day 2 4LJ Home Learning 3.7.20

Welcome to 5S Transition Thurs Fri (4S to 5S)

Welcome to 5S Thursday (4S to 5S)

Welcome to 5S Thursday (4S to 5S)

Transitition Day 1 4LJ to 5B Home Learning 2.7.20

Wednesday 1st July

Tuesday 30th June

Monday 29th June (1)

Friday 26th June

science pdf thurs25th

Thursday 25th June

science pp thurs25th

Wednesday 24th June

T2-RE-293-The-Eightfold-Path-PowerPoint (2)

Tuesday 23rd June (1)

Line Graphs 1 (1)

Line Graphs 1 (1)

Monday 22nd June (1)

Friday 19th June

life processes powerpoint

Thursday 18th June

life processes

Wednesday 17th June (1)

Varjak Paw Chapter 15[1] (3)


Fact File Template (1)

Tuesday 16th June (1)

Varjak Paw Chapter 14 (3)

Monday 15th June (1)

Friday 12th June

Thursday 11th June (1)

Wednesday 10th June

Megacities 10

Megacities 10

Tuesday 9th June (1)

Monday 8th June (1)

Friday 5th June

Thursday 4th June (1)

Megacities 9 (1)

Megacities 9 (1)

Wednesday 3rd June

Megacities 8

Varjak Paw Chapter 13

Tuesday 2nd June (1)

Monday 1st June (1)

Friday 22nd May (1)

Thursday 21st May (1)

Wednesday 20th May (1)

Prosody and Dialogue – Varjak Paw (1)

Tuesday 19th May (1)

Monday 18th May (1)

Megacities 7 (2)

Megacities 7 (1)

Friday 15th May

Thursday 14th May (1)

Wednesday 13th May

Megacities 5 & 6 (1)

Megacities (1)

Tuesday 12th May (1)

Varjak Paw Chapters 11-12 (3)

Monday 11th May (1)

Thursday 7th May (1)

Wednesday 6th May (3)

Tuesday 5th May (1)

Monday 4th May (1)

Friday 1st May (1)

Thursday 30th April (3)

Megacities 3 (1)

Megacities 2 (1)

Wednesday 29th April (1)

Megacities 1 (1)

Tuesday 28th April (3)

Varjak Paw Chapters 9-10 (1)

Monday 27th April (1)

Friday 24th April (1)

Busy Cities Word Mat (2)

Adjectives, Adverbs and Verbs Word Mats (1)

Thursday 23rd April (3)

Wednesday 22nd April (1)

Varjak Paw Chapter 8 (1)

Tuesday 21st April (1)

Monday 20th April (1)

Friday 17th April (1)

Thursday 16th April (1)

Wednesday 15th April (3)

Tuesday 14th April (1)

Friday 27th March (1)

Thursday 26th March (1)

Wednesday 25th March (1)

Tuesday 24th March

Monday 23rd March (1)

Suggested timetable for home learning Year 4 (1)

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