Ashfield Junior School

Year 4

Year 4’s Day of Fun!

On Thursday 8th June, Year 4 had an amazing time at the Plaza Cinema and Jump Mania. We went to the cinema first. The film was called Boss Baby; it was all about having a new member in the family and working together. We enjoyed it because it was quite sweet and funny. After that, we went to Jump Mania and we had a blast. Before that, we watched a safety video to make sure we were safe on the trampolines. All the children were sensible, had a great time and nobody got into trouble. We were able to go on this special day out because of the Friends of Ashfield. Thank you to the Friends of Ashfield for allowing us to go on our year group fun trip and thank you to everyone who supports the events for the children of Ashfield Junior School. Can we do it again soon?

By Abigail and Olivia (4LP)

Siddick Pond Visit and Our Week with John

On Friday the 9th January, we visited Siddick Pond. On the way, we had to go to Igessund car park because Siddick Pond bird hide was hiding there. Did you know there was a bird hide at Iggesund? This is where we met Raegan who is a member of Allerdale Borough Council and went into the hide to find out about our project.

Then we made our way to Siddick Pond. We found out about all the wildlife and there was a bird that is very rare, called the Bittern. There were lots of things to see at the pond including: a heron, an otter and swans too. Unfortunately, we could not see the Bittern.

The following week, a man called John, who was from Dynamic Studio, came into school. He told us that we had to research a whole lot of wildlife, write stories and draw illustrations to present our ideas to the council. Laurie Campbell, a famous Scottish photographer, came to show us some of his work and equipment. Lizzie Finlay, an author and illustrator, helped us produce stories in our teams.

All the children, including us, worked very hard because there was a lot to do. The Chair of Governors, Mrs Frost and the councillors were very impressed with our ideas for the project to decorate the hide. We had a great time there!

By Rio & Charlotte


Theatre Visit

On Thursday 1st December we went to the Theatre by the Lake. We went to see the Emperor and the Nightingale. We had a great time and all of the children were well behaved. We had ice cream that was delicious. The play was fantastic and the costumes were designed very well.

The play was about the Woo the emperor of all China he learnt about friendship and not allways getting what you want. It was a very nice and fun trip. The bus was quite noisy we all had a snack to eat on the way back to school.

When we got back to school we got to eat some lunch we were so hungry and thirsty. This was what our trip was like.

By Jack W and Beth F.P

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