Ashfield Junior School

Year 5 – 5S

Spring 2021

Thursday 4th feb

Thursday Wants and Needs cards (1)

Thursday Therese’s Story

Thursday Balancing Equations KS2


5S Tuesday 2nd March

Multiple Mazes x6

Tuesday 2nd Topical_Maths_Problems_Spring_Term

The Worlds Countries (1)

the worlds countries

Problem solving

Monday 1st March (1)

FT Worksheet

FT Starter photo

Thursday 25th Feb

Thursday 25th Y5-Spring-Block-2-D10-Add-fractions-2019




fraction cheat sheet (1)


Tuesday 23rd February (1)


3 Climate Zones

What is a Complex Sentence Dice Activity (1)

What is a Complex Sentence Dice Activity




Monday 22nd Feb The Globe

Lesson 1 Smoking

Friday 12th Feb Plan

Multiple Mazes x8

Thursday Michael Morpurgo Letter to Parents

Thursday 11th Feb planb

Arithmetic Test 1


Tuesday 9th Feb plan

Monday 8th Feb plan



Handwriting – Continuous Cursive – Left Handed

Continuous Cursive


Friday 5th Feb Plan

Thursday Activity Sheet Spot the Connecting Adverb

Thursday Worry questionnaire

Thursday 4th Feb plan

Character Profile LA

Character profile

Tuesday 2nd Feb Compare-and-order-fractions-less-than-1-2019

Tuesday 2nd Feb plan

Tuesday 2nd Feb homophone worksheets

Monday 1st Homophones worksheet

Monday 1st Feb plan


Friday 29th Jan Planning

Thursday 28th Jan (2)

Thursday 28th advert planning sheet

example advert

wrong answer mixed numbers

Tuesday 26th Jan

slide 22

Monday Maths

Monday 25th Jan plan

Friday 22nd practice maths

Friday 22nd practice maths 2

5S Friday 22nd Jan

5S – Thursday 21st Jan

Well-Being Wednesday letter Jan 21

Spring into Spring booklet

5S Tuesday 19th Jan

Victorious Vikings Comprehension

5S Monday 18th Jan

Monday worksheet Y5-Spring-Block-2-D1-Equivalent-fractions-2019

Monday worksheet Y5-Spring-Block-2-WO1-Equivalent-fractions-2019

Monday 18th Jan A spy of Malia Chapter 2

Jan 15, Chapter 6 Doc 1

Friday 15th Jan Planning

Thursday 14th Jan Fractions to order fractions and simple equivalences.

Thursday 14th Jan Speech

5S – Thursday 14th Jan planning

Wednesday 13th Jan

Tuesday 12th Jan

Tuesday 12th What is a fraction Lesson 2

Tuesday 12th What is a fraction Lesson 2

Tuesday 12th Jan A spy of Malia pg36 to p42

Monday 11th Jan planning copy

Chapter 1- I know a secret

Monday 11th What Is a Fraction2

Friday Home Learning Pack

5S – Friday 8th Jan Planning

5S – Thursday 7th Jan

Left handed Practice – Continuous Cursive

Handwriting Sheet Continuous Cursive

5S – Wednesday 6th Jan

5S Tuesday 5th Jan

Summer 2020



Year 5S Home Learning 091120

Year 5S Home Learning 12-10-20

3rd July 6DG (1)

Hello year 5 (5S) and welcome to year 6(6DG)

Questionaire 2nd July 6DG (5S transition to 6DG)

Draw with Rob (Transition to 6DG)

Wednesday 1st July (1)

Tuesday 30th activities (1)

choose one a day Year_5_Week_10_Geometry (5)

choose one aday Year_4_Week_10_Statistics (3)

Monday 29th activities (1)

Friday 26th activities (1)

Thursday 25th banksy-powerpoint

Thursday 25th problems Four_Operations_with_Money

Thursday 25th Decimals_Divide_by_10__100__1000

Thursday 25th activities

Wednesday 24th Money_Estimating_Money

Wednesday 24th Decimals_Multiply_Decimals_by_10__100__1000

Wednesday 24th activity-sheet-import-and-export-links

Wednesday 24th 4xa4-map

Wednesday 24th activities

Tuesday 23rdMoney_Compare_and_Order_Money

Tuesday 23rd Decimals_Subtract_Numbers

Tuesday 23rd activities

Monday 22nd Decimals_Subtract (5)

Monday 22nd direct indirect speech (3)

Monday 22nd actvity-sheet-uk-imports-and-exports (3)

Y5 One Chance (1)

Monday 22nd Making_Amounts_of_Money (1)

Monday 22nd lesson-1-presentation-what-do-we-trade (1)

Monday 22nd activities (1)

Friday 19th starters-for-stem

Friday 19th non-fiction-writing-ideas

Friday 19th angles-in-a-triangle-2020

Friday activities (1)

Thursday activities

Thursday 18th subtracting-decimals-within-1-2020

Thursday 18th animal-life-cycles-quiz

Thursday 18th animal-life-cycles-information (1) (2)

Wednesday activities

Wednesday 17th greek-gods-and-goddesses

Wednesday 17th greek-god-and-goddesses-task-1

Wednesday 17th fiction-writing-ideas

Wednesday 17th adding-decimals-crossing-the-whole-2020

Tuesday 16th greek-democracy

Tuesday 16th medusa-comprehension

Tuesday 16th complements-to-1-2020

Tuesday activities

Tuesday 16th greek-democracy-worksheet

Tuesday 16th greek-alphabet-support-sheet

Monday SPaG commonly-confused-words (1)

Monday activities (1)

Monday 15th adding-decimals-within-1-2020 (1)

Friday 12th activities

Thursday 11th Maths add up game (3)

Thursday climate zones (1)

Activity Sheet Animals Around The World – Animals

Thursday 11th activities (1)

Wednesday 10th Maths

Wednesday 10th activities

Tuesday 9th activities

Monday 8th activities (1)

Weekly Friday

Friday 5th Maths Powerpoint

Friday 5th Maths

Weekly Thursday (1)

Thursday 4th myth storyboard (1)

Thursday 4th Maths (1)

Thursday 4th hermes-and-apollo-powerpoint (1)

Orpheus & Eurydice story (3)

Orpheus& Eurydice story (2)

Orpheus & Eurydice story (1)

Orpheus & Eurydice (3)

Orpheus & Eurydice (2)

Orpheus & Eurydice (1)

Wednesday 3rd Maths

Wednesday 3rd Maths Powerpoint

Tuesday 2nd LCM Investigation (3)

Tuesday 2nd Starter Myths and Legends (1)

Monday 1st Maths (2)

Monday 1st Timetable activities summer (1)

Friday 22nd what they did for us (1)

Friday 22nd Balancing Equations hard (1)

Friday 22nd ATHENS VS SPARTA (1)

Friday 22nd Addition Pyramids (1)

Thursday 21st What Time is it, Mr Wolf Board Game (1)

Thursday Timetable activities Greeks (1)

Wednesday Timetable activities Greeks (1)

Wednesday 20th comprehension (1)

Wednesday 20th Challenge cards (1)

Tuesday Timetable activities Greeks (1)

Tuesday 19th comprehension (1)

Tuesday 19th Ancient Greek Maths 3b (1)

Tuesday 19th Ancient Greek Maths 1b (3)

Tuesday 19th Ancient Greek Maths 2b (1)

Monday Timetable activities Greeks (1)

Monday SPaG Activity—identifying-conjunctions-and-clauses (1)

Monday 19th Ancient Greek Maths 3a (1)

Monday 18th—Identifying-conjunctions-and-clauses (1)

Monday 18th Conjunction-mats (3)

Monday 18th Olympics (1)

Monday 18th Conjunction-mats (1)

Monday 18th Ancient Greek Maths 2a (1)

Monday 18th Ancient Greek Maths 1a (1)

Friday 15th Who Am I Maths

Friday 15th Weekly Timetable activities

Friday 15th balloon Maths

Thursday 14th Weekly Timetable activities (1)

Thursday 14th triangles Maths (1)

Thursday 14th Foxy Maths (1)

Thursday 14th Culture research (1)

Wednesday 13th Weekly Timetable activities

Wednesday 13th Fables

Wednesday 13th pig Maths

Wednesday 13th Be creative

Wednesday 13th areaquad Maths

Tuesday 12th Weekly Timetable activities (1)

Tuesday 12th thirtyup Maths (5)

Tuesday 12th Loop cards Maths (1)

Tuesday 12th alphabet (1)

Monday 11th Maths 1 (1)

Monday 11th Weekly Timetable activities (1)

Monday 11th Ancient Greece Maths (1)

Monday 11th Activity 1_2 and 3 (1)

Thursday 7th speech ve-day (1)

Thursday 7th ww2-maths-questions-harder (3)

Thursday 7th ww2-maths-questions-easy (2) (1)

Thursday 7th WW2-maths-catalog (1)

Thursday 7th VE Day Discussion (1)

Thursday 7th Germany surrendered (1)

Thursday 7th design-a-ve-day-medal (1)

Wednesday 6th VE Day Information PowerPoint (2)

Wednesday 6thTime 2 (1)

Wednesday 6th VE Day Information PowerPoint (1)

Wednesday 6th time adding (1)

Wednesday 6th elapsed_time_clocks (1)

Wednesday 6th Code-Cracking for Beginners Morse Code Worksheet (3)

Wednesday 6th activities (1)

Tuesday 5th VE Day KS2 Get Involved at School – PC (3)

Tuesday 5th VE Day KS2 Get Involved at School – PC (3)

Tuesday 5th VE Day 1,2,3 comprehension (3)

Tuesday 5th Telling the time information _dont print out (5)

Tuesday 5th telling_time (4)

Tuesday 5th fill both Clocks (3)

Tuesday 5th draw the time (3)

Tuesday 5th activities (4)

Monday 4th VE Day Themed Colouring Pages (1)

Monday 4th Time sheet 1 (1)

Monday 4th Simple WW2 Spitfire Glider Activity Paper Craft (3)

Monday 4th activities (1)

Friday Timetable activities (1)

Friday 1st planetary puzzle maths (1)

Thursday 30th Timetable activities (1)

Thursday 30th Multiplication and Division Maths Code Crackers (1)

Thursday 30th From Superhero to superhuman A (1)

Wednesday 29th Timetable activities (1)

Wednesday 29th Superhero comprehension Easy (1)

Wednesday 29th Superhero comp Middle (1)

Wednesday 29th Harder Curriculum Vitae (1)

Wednesday 29th Comprehension – Spiderman (1)

Tuesday 28th Spitfire-Paper-Model (3)

Tuesday 28th Sci-Fi-Spaceship-Paper-Model-Printables (2)

Tuesday 28th Lancaster-Bomber-Paper-Model (3)

Tuesday 28th Timetable activities (1)

Tuesday 28th mathsThree-Way Mix Up (1)

Monday 27th maths Big number puzzle (3)

Monday Timetable activities (5)

Monday 27th Superhero grammar revision (1)

Monday 27th Rockets_3_2_1_Puff (1)

Monday Timetable activities (1)

Monday 27th maths _Take One Number… (1)

Friday Wk3 activities (1)

Friday direction points questions and answers (3)

Friday 25th Wk3 maths (1)

Friday 25th Maths puzzles (1)

Thursday Wk3 activities (1)

Succeed in maths 1 to 14

Wednesday 22nd Wk3 activities (1

Tuesday 21st Wk3 activities (3)

Tuesday 21st Robots (1)

Monday 20th Wk3 activities (1)

Friday 17th Wk2 Activities (1)

Friday 17th Wk2 Maths Solving problems (3)

Thursday 16th Aztec Maths in PDF (2)

Thursday 16th Aztec Maths Powerpoint

Thursday 16th Easier Maths questions (3) (3)

Thursday 16th Middle Maths Questions (2)

Thursday 16th Hard Maths Questions (3)

Thursday 16th Wk2 Activities (1)

Thursday 16th Aztec numbers info sheet (1)

5S – Wednesday 15th April Wk2 Activities (1)

5S – Wednesday 15th April Chocolate-mystery-maths-game (1)

5S – Wednesday 15th April Aztecs Comprehension (1)

5S – Tuesday Wk2 Activities (1)

5S – Step 6 – Advancing Reading Skills (1)

5S – Step 5 – Consolidating Reading Skills (1)

5S – Step 4 – Extending Reading Skills (1)

5S – SATS Survival Year 6 Reading Skills Display Posters (1)

5S – Home Learning 14-04-20 388-teacher_notes_packaging (1)

5S – Home Learning 14-04-20 387-act3_packaging_it_takes_the_biscuit (1)

5S – Home Learning 14-04-20 384-packaging (3)

5S Home Learning 14-04-20 385-act1_what_fits_in_here (1)

5S Home Learning 14-04-20 386-act2_four_chocolates (1)

5S – Tuesday wk1 activities

5S – Decimals as fractions (3)

5S – Friday activities wk1 (1)

5S – The Mystery of the Missing Pirate Treasure (1)

5S – Pirate problem solving cards and answers Maths (1)

5S – Thursdays Activities Wk1 (1)

5S – Wednesday wk1 (1)

5S – Monday wk1 activities (1)

5S – Inverted Commas SPaG Monday (1)

5S – Pirate Facts English (1)

5S – Pirates comprehension English (1)



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