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Year 5

Viking Day in 5S

On Thursday, 5th October, we went on our school trip to Borrowdale at Derwentwater. We got onto the bus at around 9 o’clock. After half an hour we finally reached our destination. We got off the bus and strolled down the long gravel path and we were greeted by Sarah, John and Tony. They were dressed up as Vikings and the reason we went there was to learn more about the Vikings.

We were split into groups. I was with Miss Quale and Eden was with Mrs Smits. My first activity was going onto the Viking longship with John. My group walked along the jetty to get to the boat. Ryan towed us out onto the lake and left us tied to an orange bouy.

John talked to us about the Vikings and we had to answer some questions about them. One of the questions we had was: ‘How do we know the Vikings came to Britain in 700 AD?’  The answers were: Archaeologists have found artefacts underground, language and people’s names.

Eden’s group went with Sarah first to learn about how the Vikings settled in Britain. They got to sit on sheep and deer skins and they were in a tent that was made of wood and cotton. We got to have a go at making some flour with a quern. We also got to make oat cakes and cook them over the fire.

After doing some activities we got to have dinner. I had ham sandwiches with salt and vinegar square crisps and 2 munch bunch yoghurts with a tropical Capri sun that leaked in my packed lunch! Eden also had a ham sandwich with some salt and vinegar French fries and a chocolate Kit-Kat.

My Last activity was working with the Slave Master Tony. We learned how to be a slave and the jobs that a slave would have to do such as: lighting a fire with flint and steel. Another job was The Key Holder (That was Eden’s Job.) it was a very dangerous job because thieves would kill you for the key by decapitating you…Then we got to design our own shields. My pattern had swirls and shells on it. Eden’s had 2 long-ships on it.

Finally, we got on the bus and went back to school, then we went home.

We had an amazing time in Borrowdale and we would love to go again!

By Kaidyn and Eden


Emily Hennesy (the storyteller)

On Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28thof February, Emily came to our school from South Lakes. It was a Tuesday morning and we were in assembly waiting for everyone to be quiet and then Emily arrived and told the whole school one of her Nordic stories. She was with us for two days, and did a story workshop for every class at Ashfield Junior School (the best school in Workington). During lunchtime it was 5H’s turn to do the story workshop. After lunch it was 5S’s turn to do the workshop. Firstly, in year five we discussed Roman gods, then Emily told everyone a Roman story – it was amazing!

By Emily and Amalee


Chill Factore, Manchester

On Thursday the 2nd March, Year 5 went to the Chill Factore in Manchester. We had to set off at 6:00 in the morning! It took 3 hours to get there but it was worth it.  We had to wake up early in the morning because of motorway traffic. On the way there we waved at lorries and vans – we got lots of waves. When we got there groups A and C went on the snow and group B went on the climbing wall. The climbing wall was fun but terrifying. The snow park was fun. We got to go on a bob sleigh and doughnut. Skiing was hard but fun. Some people had lunch at 11:30, 12:30 and 2:30. Later, after Group C had their lunch we were disappointed that we had to go home.

By Callum and Zoe


Maria Leijerstam

On the 27th of January Year 5 skyped Maria Leijerstam. We asked some questions like, “did you see any wildlife?”. She has inspired us to believe that we can achieve any goal. She had a special bike called a polar bike. She was the first women to cycle to The South Pole. It took 4 years of planning for her expedition.

She set off from the Ross Ice Shelf on the 17th of December 2013. She realised that 3 other people were also trying to be the first to cycle to The South Pole. She expected the expedition to take 25 days but it took 10 days instead. She saw no animals or birds because they couldn’t feed on anything.

She cycled for 17 ½ hours each day and had 4 hours sleep. It took 3 hours to melt ice just to drink it. Maria Leijerstam was very lucky to not get frost bite but she got a little bit of frost bite on her cheek but she was all right. We asked her which was the coldest her feet or her hands? She said her feet, because her hands had more layers on.

Her challengers had 2 wheeled bikes and Maria Leijerstam had a 3 wheeled bike. After she got to The South Pole the 3 other people were 3-4 weeks behind her.

Year 5 loved meeting Maria Leijerstam and want to go on an expedition one day.

By Becca and Laura


Writing Workshop

On Thursday 15th of December some of the Year 5’s and 6’s went to the CCPT to do a writing workshop with the trainee teachers.

We went into partners with the teachers. Mr Rutledge told us a story about going to Africa on a mountain and found a Leopard.

We planned our own continued story from War of the Worlds. In our plan we drew and we wrote ideas for what came out of the cylinder. We drew our dream place and how we would get there. We had a break and had a drink and chocolate!

After lunch we went back and wrote up our draft about War of the Worlds. We edited our writing with our partner. We chose a sentence to improve by upgrading our language, using adjectives, adverbs, similes and metaphors.

We really enjoyed our writing day at CPTT. We would like to hear more of the story of War of the Worlds.

By Spencer and Kai, Year 5



Our New Zealand Assembly

On Thursday 24th November 2016 year5 did an assembly it was about New Zealand. Some of us had parts to say and we sang a song called the world in union. Nathan felt good having to sing a solo with people. The teachers were proud of us and our performance.

We learnt that if you go to a fish and chip shop you can order Hammerhead shark! New Zealand was the first country to give women the vote. New Zealand has two rugby teams, the men’s team is called the All Blacks and the women’s team is called The Silver Ferns. New Zealand is the other side of the world from us.

We sent a school in New Zealand, called Point England School, some information about our school. We sent them a Power Point of England and a video about our school and it was cool, we also interviewed some of our teachers to send to them.

New Zealand are famous for their dance called the Haka! They use it to scare their opponents in rugby and sometimes to celebrate.

By Josh, Nathan and Jack


Netball Competition for Year 5&6

The netball tournament was made up of seven teams: Ashfield (us), Seaton, Beckstone, Derwent Vale, St. Mary’s and St. Patrick’s.

Mrs Pears told us that she was really proud of how we played and she was especially proud of our behaviour.

We played three games, two of which we lost and one of which we drew. We played against Derwent Vale, Victoria and Seaton. They were tough teams to beat but we tried our hardest and gave it our best shot. Sadly, we didn’t get to the semi-finals, but we stayed because Mrs Pears was still umpiring.

While we were waiting we decided to play piggy-in-the-middle behind the netting. When Mrs Pears had finished umpiring we went to get on the bus, but the man in reception had phoned another bus to come and pick us up because we were late. So we didn’t get cold, we started passing the ball and Cameron accidently hit Mrs Pears! Once the bus had finally arrived we discovered that it was a huge bus for only 8 of us. The bus was very warm so we weren’t cold anymore.

When we got back we found the parents waiting because we were late, so we quickly got our things and went home.

By William and Erin


Our Viking Trip

Last week on Thursday 13th October, our class went on a trip to Derwent water. We learnt about how to be a Viking! First some of us learnt about being a slave. Vikings would paint their shields so when they went into battle they twisted their shield to distract their enemies. Next we went on a Viking long ship and we learnt how to row in time and how to count in Cumbrian. One to five is Yan, Tan, Tetherer, Metherer, Pimp. Our last activity was about how they would have survived the journey. They would eat things that wouldn’t go out of date like oats and they would catch fish. We ground oats with a quern and we tried oat biscuits. We had a great time and it was really exciting.

By Lydia and Kai


A day in the life of Sophie.

In year 5 we have been learning about the lives of children at a school called Point England School in Auckland in New Zealand. We are sending them information about our lives too.

I normally wake up at 7:30 – 8 o’clock, I sometimes lie in bed for a few minutes. Next I go to the living room to get dressed. For school I wear navy blue cotton trousers, a navy blue sweat-shirt and a red t-shirt.

After getting dressed I either read or watch TV for a few minutes. Then my Mum and I have a five minute drive to school.

When I get there school starts at 8:45am. The first thing we do is assembly with Mrs Frost. We have English after that and guided reading. Next we have playtime. I do lots of gymnastics with my friends.

After playtime we have an hour of maths. After that we have our delicious lunch. I am on packed lunches: a sandwich, a yoghurt, crisps and Dairylea Dunkers!

After lunch we have French or topic or PE, and we read a story in class.

Finally it is the end of the school day. I walk to my Grandma’s house and it’s really boring so let’s skip that………

When my Mam picks me up from Grandma’s house, I get changed into different clothes and play out with my best friend Olivia, until 8:45pm. When I come back in my tea will be ready, so I eat my tea, read to my Mam and go to bed zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!


By Sophie 5S

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