Ashfield Junior School

Year 6

Spring 2021

Y6 Friday 5th March

Prediction of Finch Distribution…

Finches images

Galapagos map

Evolution by Natural Selection

Battle of Britain comprehension

Maths part 2

Maths part 1

Thursday 4th March

Tuesday 2nd March

Add fractions within 1

French – Around the world session 2

Add & subtract fractions

Monday 1st March.

Friday 26th February

Blitz reading comp and answers pages 7 to 10

Year 6 Thursday 25th February

Puzzle time

Tuesday 23rd February


Newspaper Template final computer version

Compare and order fractions less than 1

Year 6 PE WW2 Swing Dance 4

Mixed numbers to improper fractions

Monday 22nd February

UKS2 Maths Code Breaker

Friday 12th February

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Species data

Chinese new year reading comprehension

Thursday 11th February

Maths Activity

Tuesday 9th February

Chinese Tangrams

Y6 Monday 8th February

Friday 5th February

Go shopping!

Express yourself!

Dog breeds & their puppies

Inheritance power point

Churchill answers

Churchill reading comprehension

Kahoot game pins

Multiplication flower

TTrockstars challenge

Y6 Thursday 4th February

Tuesday 2nd February

Problem cards

Improper fractions to mixed numbers

Converting fractions

Y6 Monday 1st February

Year 6 PE WW2 Swing Dance 3

Improper fractions stretch

Fractions greater than 1

Y6 Friday 29th January

Y6 Thursday 28th January

Evacuation question

Mr Men Ppt

Compare and order fractions

Compare & order fractions challenge

Y6 Tuesday 26th January

Fractions ppt

KS2 French U12 worksheet 12.01 mon passeport

Around the world session 1

Monday 25th January

Music appraisal sheet

Similes metaphors personification examples

Fractions ppt tasks

Friday 22nd January

Inheritance bubble

Inheritance 1

Dunkirk comprehension

Fractions stretch

Simplifying fractions lesson 2

Thursday 21st January

Well-Being Wednesday letter Jan 21

Spring into Spring booklet

History supporting resources and questions

Y6 Tuesday 19th Jan

Simplifying fractions

Simplifying challenges

Equivalent fractions colour by number.

Y6 Monday 18th Jan

Equivalent fractions questions

Year 6 PE WW2 Swing Dance 2

Y6 – Equivalent fractions challenge

Henry Moore ppt

Colour by number 2

Colour by number 1

Option 2

Option 1

Y6 – Friday 15th Jan

Y6 -Thursday 14th Jan (1)

Fractions of amounts option 1

Fractions of amounts option 2

The-Blitz-report (1)

The-Blitz-Comprehension-Questions (1)

Adaptations assessment



Wednesday 13th Jan

Y6 – Tuesday 12th Jan

Division questions


Polar bear


Spider monkey

Y6 – Monday 11th Jan

WW2 Swing Dance

Fluent in 5 day 5

Division pack

Y6 – Friday 8th Jan

Y6 – Fluent in 5 day 4

Y6 -Multiply & divide by 10, 100 & 1000


Y6 – 7th Jan

Multiply & divide by 10 and 100

Y6 – 6th Jan

Beyond the lines senses task

Multiplication questions 2

Multiplication questions 1

Y6 Fluent in 5 day 2

Y6 5th Jan

Y6 Beyond the lines day 1

Y6 Fluent in 5 day 1

Summer 2020

2nd July (1)

Game Planner

1st July

30th June

Art Project book Klimt (1)

29th June (1)

26th June

25th June

Defuse the Bomb – Adding and Subtracting Fractions

Defuse the Bomb – Adding and Subtracting Fractions – Answers

24th June


23rd June


Multiplying fractions with answers (1)

22nd June (1)

19th June

Mr G or Mrs Gibson wants to go on holiday

18th June

Class of 2020 Leavers and Transition Booklet

17th June

16th June

Dissolving (1)

clue5 (3)

15th June (1)

Clue 3

12th June

Thursday 11th June (3)

Wednesday 10th June (1)


9th June

Anywhere Island (3)

suspects (1)

story (1)

Clue 1 (1)

Anywhere Island Design Sheet (3)

8th June (1)

5th June

Crack the Code With Factors Multiples Squares and Cube Numbers Activity Sheet Answers (3)

4th June (1)

Ancient Maya – Mayan Fashion

The Ancient Maya

3rd June

Crack the Code

MAYA ppt (3)

Using Pictures as Evidence (1)

2nd June (1)

Semi-colons (1)

Lava Lamp (1)

1st June (1)

Direction points questions and answers (3)

22nd May (1)

X marks the spot (1)

21st May (1)

HP timetable (1)

20th May (1)

Zest Menu (3)

19th May (1)

Newspaper report task (2)

18th May (1)

15th May

14th May (3)


13th May

12th May (1)

rocket-template (1)

Rocket investigation (3)

11th May (1)

7th May (1)

VE day (1)

French numbers 6th May (1)

6th May (1)

French colours 5th May (1)

5th May (1)

Algebra Year 6 (1)

4th May (1)

1st May (1)

30th April (1)

Journey of light (1)

29th April (1)

Wassily Kandinsky art&maths (1)

28th April (1)

Mayan Gods (1)

27th April (1)

24th April (1)

Thurs 23rd April (1)

Mayan art (1)

22nd April (7)

Tuesday 21st April (3)

Mayan Civilisation Number System (2)

Mon 20th April (1)

Fri 17th April (1)

Thurs 16th April (1)

Wed 15th April (3)

Tues 14th April (5)

Fri 27th (1)

Thur 26th (1)

Wed 25th (1)

Tues 24th (5)

Mon 23rd (1)








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