Ashfield Junior School


Celebrating Diversity in Computing – 3B Assembly
Around school we have 10 Women from Diversity in Computing. Each poster has a suggested activity for the class to do together, to find out more about the person.
We are invested in making sure that our children are not only provided with the knowledge required from the National Curriculum but also understand the wider elements of Computing including the following key areas that we ensure we cover throughout each academic year.
• Influential People
• Internet Safety Day and Week
• Project Evolve
• ‘Hands on’ experiences with different computer programs and applications
• Investing in the latest technology
Staying Safe online: School visit from Niall McNicholas
Niall had been invited into school to talk about staying safe online. He is a Cyber Dependent Crime Specialist
Year 6 – using formula
Year 3 – digital art
Year 4 – investigating networks
Year 3 – connecting computers
Year 4 – comparing networks
Year 5 – creating a paper based database
Year 5 – systems and searching
Year 6 – collect and organise data

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